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Nice break-through in Solar Technology

The future of solar energy is truly amazing. Watch this TED talk vid to see a bit into the future.

Bringing the sunshine everywhere we drive! Check out our new van wrap!

Let the Sun Cool Your Attic

Trapped heat and moisture in attics lead to all kinds of problems. From mold buildup to high cooling costs, homeowners should rightly be concerned about their home’s ventilation. Not that many years ago, homes were much more porous. Now, as homes became more energy efficient, they also become more sealed off.  This, in turn, greatly increases the complexity of how best to remove attic moisture and heat. Efficient and proper ventilation becomes absolutely critical. 

Venting a home is not a new problem. Roofers, builders, manufacturers and architects have spent years trying to figure out the best way to vent homes. 

Today’s sealed, energy-efficient homes are designed to breathe through a balanced attic ventilation system of intake and exhaust vents. Sefton Oxford from the RCAW further explains, “As houses become more tech savvy, roof venting is another important part of heating and cooling.” Being more effective in expelling a home’s attic heat and household moisture, greatly increases the efficiency of all aspects of a modern home’s ventilation system. 

Solar Blaster roof ventilation logo

That is where Solar Blaster’s new, innovative, solar-powered ventilation products fit into the picture. Solar Blaster Corporation did not set out to reinvent the wheel. Instead, their products aim to improve the efficiency of a home’s passive ventilation system. So while the sun’s radiant heat is the biggest reason a home’s attic can reach 140-150° throughout the day, homeowners can now make the sun also be the source of heat removal! Just a little power, removes a lot of heat.

Solar Blaster™ Solutions

Solar RIDGEblaster roof vent fan and solar panel

The Solar RIDGEblaster™ product is the first system in the nation to vent from the highest point on the roof – the ridge. By adding solar-powered fan units directly into the ridge vent opening spaced out evenly along the length of the ridge, the Solar RIDGEblaster™ uses the power of the sun to “blast” the hot air out of the attic at its highest point. 

Solar RVOblaster installed on three roof vents

The Solar RVOblaster is a solution that converts the popular NorWesCo 8" metal RVO vent into a solar-powered vent. These vents have been installed on hundreds of thousands of homes here in the Pacific Northwest. The Solar RVOblaster comes in two configurations. The Solar RVOblaster Kit is a retrofit kit that can be installed on an existing NorWesCo 8" vent in under five minutes. The Solar RVOblaster with Vent comes preinstalled on either a black or brown RVO vent. These are not cheap plastic vents that will crack and fade with time. They are vents designed to last on a lifetime roof. 

Designed by a Roofer for Roofers!

As roofers and roofing manufacturers all know, the heat and moisture build-up in the attic can seriously decrease the life expectancy of a roof. Every home must be properly ventilated to the building code. Solar Blaster™ products do not circum"vent" (pun intended) that code. Rather, they assist or boost the efficiency of the required passive exhaust vents. 

Solar Blaster™ fans were created by Dan Rheaume, a roofer with over 30 years of experience in the industry. “Our Solar Blaster products were designed by a roofer for roofers. All of our products can be installed from the rooftop. There is no need to enter a home’s attic space. Installation of our products is a breeze,” explains Rheaume. 

Benefits to Homeowners

Along with extending the roof life, removing attic heat and expelling household moisture also reduces a home’s cooling costs. As an attic’s heat decreases, less of that heat will transfer down into the rest of the home, making one’s living environment more pleasant. 

Solar Blaster’s innovative products will not take long to pay for themselves. “In development of our products, our test homes dropped their interior temperature by an average of 6 degrees. That is a huge savings on cooling costs and an increase in life comfort immediately,” Rheaume states.

Solar Blaster’s products are more affordable than the larger solar-powered roof vents currently on the market. But the price isn’t the only advantage. Ultimately, pulling air evenly across the entire length of the roof is much better than relying on one larger fan that only pulls air from one location. Solar Blaster’s products are designed to enhance the passive vent system of pulling air across the interior wood surfaces on its way to escape, which deters mold build-up. 

It’s Time to Go Green

In a recent poll, 73% of homeowners are willing to pay more for eco-friendly and energy-efficient products.* Oxford goes on to say, “I believe [Solar Blaster] products, and products of its type, will not be an option – they will be a necessity in the future." 

Rheaume concludes, "It really is time to start offering economical, solar-powered roof ventilation products to homeowners. We would love to show you ways you can increase your profit as a roofer and win more bids, while ultimately saving your customer’s money using the power of the sun.”

Please visit for more information on these products. They are currently available in most Allied Building Product branches in WA and OR.

* EcoHome magazine

We had a great time at Allied Building Product’s annual golf tournament. It was great to be a part of this fun event and interact with the many roofing contractors and friends as they teed off at hole 12.

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