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Solar RoofBlaster for Conex® Containers

Solar RoofBlaster for Conex Containers

Solar RoofBlaster™ NOW available for Conex Containers!

That's correct. We have taken our very popular Solar RoofBlaster vent/fan unit and designed a special form-fitting flashing that will sit flush on top of a Conex® brand container! So we now offer not only a solar tube lighting solution for your Conex® container, but we also provide a ventilation solution.

Comes in two configurations:
• The original: 80mm fan/3 W solar panel (first photo below)
• The New Mega option: 120mm fan/5W solar panel (second photo below)
Underside view of the Solar RoofBlaster for Conex containers
Solar RoofBlaster for Conex Container side view
Installing a Solar RoofBlaster for Conex containers

Ventilation is Key for Steel Containers!

If you plan to store equipment you don't want to get rusted or damaged due to moisture and heat inside your steel container, you need to ventilate your container sufficiently. We recommend 1-2 vents for every 20' of container. Remember, that uniform air movement throughout your entire container is important. You will need intake vents down low as well for fresh air to enter your container so the hotter air rises and exhausts out of the vent on your container's roof.

NEW Solar Mega RoofBlaster for Conex Containers

We have designed a new ventilation solution for conex containers that is built in the same vent but has a larger, more powerful fan (120mm; 96cfm) and 5W solar panel.
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Ventilating Conex® Containers

Blue opened shipping container


  • Solar-powered fan vent that ventilates a Conex® container
  • Helps remove hot, moist air faster than a passive vent alone
  • Helps promotes uniform air movement throughout the vented space
  • Helps minimize mold/mildew growth
  • Improves your work space by removing the hot, oven-like temperatures in a container
  • Makes a container into a cooler work environment
  • Improves the air quality in containers by promoting fresh air movement
  • Prevents tools from rusting in containers because moist air is being removed
  • Easy installation (see installation guide above)
  • The fan works whenever the sun shines
  • The vent itself always works as a passive vent 24 hours a day, rain or shine
  • 8" diameter vent with 50.265 sq inch of net free vent area
  • Original solar panel: 25 year-rated solar panel (3 Watt)
  • Mega solar panel: 25 year-rated solar panel (5 Watt)
  • 50,000 hour-rated fan (15 years at 9 hrs/day)
  • Original fan: 2700 rpm/39 cfm two-ball bearing fan
  • Mega fan: 2600 rpm/96 cfm two-ball bearing fan
  • Base flashing custom designed for Conex® brand containers for leak-proof installation
  • " mesh screen — pest-free
  • color: galvanized

FREE U.S. SHIPPING ON ALL PRODUCTS to the lower 48 states only (limited time).

Solar RoofBlaster™ for Conex® Containers

RoofBlaster™ for Conex Containers with Galvanized Vent
Solar RoofBlaster for Conex containers
Original Solar RoofBlaster
(80mm 39cfm fan/3W solar panel)
MSRP: $199.99

ON SALE: $169.99
Solar Mega RoofBlaster for Conex Container photo
New Solar Mega RoofBlaster
(120mm 96cfm fan/5W solar panel)
MSRP: $239.99

ON SALE: $214.99


Conex container with two Solar LightBlaster for Conex installed to add light inside a container
inside view of how much light comes in due to an installed Solar LightBlaster inside a Conex container
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