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Solar RVOblaster™ Preinstalled on a Vent

These days all attic vents are installed according to specific building codes that involve calculating your attic's space to figure out the amount of intake and outlet ventilation required.

If you've had your roof replaced in the last 10 years by a reputable roofer, then your roof has the proper number of vents. But those vents are all passive ventilation that only work WHEN there is wind blowing up through your intake vents.

Solar RVOblaster™ roof vent fans help move that heated air out of your attic, even on overcast, cloudy days.

Size: 17"x17"x5"
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Simple 6 Steps


How many vents will you need on your house?

Solar RVOblaster™ with Vent

The Solar RVOblaster™ panel and fan unit are pre-installed on the RVO38 metal vent.
RVOblaster™ with Black RVO38 Vent
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Price: $124.99
Solar RVOblaster™ with Vent comes with the following:
  • 8" RVO38 metal vent (comes in various colors)
  • everything in the Solar RVOblaster™ Kit except the Installation instructions (install this vent just like you would any other roof vent)
RVOblaster™ with Brown RVO38 Vent
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Price: $124.99

So where else can I use these cool vents aside from my home?

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Use them to vent out all of that hot,
muggy air in your garden shed!

A Solar RVOblaster vent is a perfect solar-powered ventilation solution for your garden shed, utility shed, storage shed or even your garage.

Stop working in unbearable conditions when you can have fresh air circulating in your shed or garage whenever the sun is shining. Plus, keep those gas fumes from smelling up your utility shed.

Take a proactive approach to improving your garden shed's ventilation. It is an easy install.

Trust us, you won't regret it. Sheds and garages should not be saunas. Let us help you convert it back to a workable space.
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Don't forget that Fido and Fluffy's dog
house shouldn't suffer from heat either!

That's right, Solar Blaster can even come to the aid of your dog house.

No one wants their pet to suffer in the unbearable summer heat so we build them their very own dog house. But unlike your own home, a dog house will heat up even more because it lacks any sort of insulation.

Eliminate that heat by the power of the sun! Truly give your pets a shady spot to go during those hot afternoons when you're at work.

RVO38 Metal Vents only

Black 8" RVO38 Vent
black RVO38 metal vent for sale
8" RVO38 Metal Roof Vents

This product does not come with any Solar Blaster® products. It is simply a metal roof vent that can be order in various colors.
Brown 8" RVO38 Vent
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Solar RVOblaster™ Kit

is a retrofit/conversion kit that fits easily inside a NorWesCo 8" metal RVO38 roof vent installed on homes for the past ten years or so in the Pacific Northwest area. This kit allows you to upgrade your passive attic vents into solar-powered vent fans.

Attic heat and moisture are your roof's worse enemies. On hot summer days, your attic can easily reach 140-150°F. In order to prolong the life of your roof AND increase the comfort of your living space below, you need to vent that air out as efficiently as possible.

Solar RVOblaster™ Kit

RVOblaster Kit contents
Solar RVOblaster™ Kit comes with the following:
  • 3W solar panel
  • 2700rpm/39cfm two-ball bearing fan
  • patent-pending fan mount which snaps into RVO vents
  • 4 stainless steel clips to mount the panel
  • Installation instructions
Installation Video
MSRP: $99.99
ON SALE $75.97
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