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Solar RV Vent Cover & Fan


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Finally! A solar RV vent cover so mildew and heat are a thing of the past!


MSRP $399.99
ON SALE $249.97

Currently available
only in the US


Solar Activate RV Vents

The Solar RVblaster is the perfect solution with multiple purposes:
  • vent cover to prevent rain from entering
  • solar-powered fan to boost venting

Dry Camping Dream

The solar-powered RV fan and vent cover will allow you to keep fresh air in your RV while saving your RV's battery. Just crack a window for inflow air and let the hot, moist air escape through your Solar RVblaster vent cover.

Air Movement Benefits

The Solar RVblaster even promotes air movement inside your stored RV or trailer to reduce sweating, mildew, stagnant air, fumes, odors and heat buildup. Great for both RVs and recreational trailers.
Class A RV with two Solar RVblasters

Get Rid of Heat!

The Solar RVblaster was designed to help boost the effectiveness of your RV's exhaust vents. Whenever the sun is shining, the fans will activate and pull the hot air out of your RV. Super simple.

Get Rid of Fumes!

Not only will the Solar RVblaster get rid of heat, but it will also actively get rid of the odors and dangerous fumes that can gather inside trailers. Why suffer from fumes when you can enjoy fresh air?
Trailer with two Solar RVblasters installed to remove fumes, odors and heat
Solar RVblaster with installation parts shown for easy install as a solar RV vent cover with fan

Easy Installation

Installing a Solar RVblaster on your RV or trailer is a simple install that requires a power drill, Phillips screwdriver, pencil and an adjustable wrench. Check out the video below.

Solar RVblaster Video

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