Solar Vents Make a World of Difference on Sheds!

This revolutionary way to vent out hot, stale air from your shed is a huge improvement over passive venting solutions. With Solar Blaster’s roof vents, we economically activate passive vents with the power of the sun. 


Amazing Benefits of Solar-Powered Shed Vents

Your shed has never felt cooler nor smelled better — that’s the hybrid power of the sun and fresh air movement that solar-powered shed vents provide.
Protect your tools, machinery and other items you store in your shed by removing damaging hot, moist air.
Converts your shed into a cooler work environment with constant air flow to get rid of toxic fuel and fertilizer smells.
Prolongs the life of your shed’s structure by removing moist air which helps prevent mold/mildew growth, pest infestations, and wood rot.


Solar Blaster’s Shed Vent Product Line


Passive Roof Vent


Solar Activated Passive Roof Vent

Turn this passive roof vent into...
… a Solar RoofBlaster, powered by the sun to remove its own hot air. Multiple solar fans spread evenly across the roof line helps keep uniform air movement inside your shed. We recommend 1 vent for every 8’ of roof length. Install the Solar RoofBlaster just like you’d install a regular passive can vent.


Passive Ridge Vent


Solar Activated Passive Ridge Vent

Turn this passive ridge vent into...
… a Solar RidgeBlaster, the world’s first solar-powered ridge vent to actually pull air from the highest point on the roof. This unit has three fans spanning the ridge vent for each panel. We recommend placing them every 10 feet across the ridge. Extremely easy to install (installation guideinstallation video).


Passive Metal Ridge Vent


Solar Activated Metal Ridge Vent

Turn this passive metal ridge vent into...
… a Solar Metal RidgeBlaster, our newest solar-powered ridge vent specifically designed for metal roofs. This is a completely maintenance-free solution and very easy to install right before you install the ridge vent cover. Works great on composition roofs with ridge venting also.


Benefits to You as a Shed Company

Offer a green solution to your customers, and stand out from your competitors
Solar-powered shed ventilation that complements the science of passive venting
Economical solar solution to shed ventilation that protects your warranty
Easy installation
Shed owners appreciate the added benefit of a more comfortable work environment
These vents are already venting homes nationwide and numerous shed companies are seeing the benefits of adding them to their shed options
Our vents are proportionally-sized better for sheds — they look great on sheds


A green solution to powered shed ventilation that won’t keep costing them money
Economical solar solution to shed ventilation that prolongs the life of their shed
Makes their shed into a comfortable, cooler work environment
Removes heat and moisture and protects your valuable contents especially those tools that will rust
Very attractive vent solution powered by the sun


Offer these amazing shed ventilation products
before your competitors do! 
Welcome to the future of solar shed ventilation.


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